Review of Hicapa/1911 Steel hopup unit .


Hi capa / 1911 Steel CNC hopup review



First of the time we compare with Marui , you can see the structure of the hopup was changed .

1, Marui has the L arms both side but the two sides not much fit with together , the force come from the slide recoil 

      will break the right side arms .


2,  Right side of the marui hopup where contact with the slide lock is very thin . When you shot alot , the hole will going bigger and bigger . 


3, Marui and most of the after market hopup unit only for hicapa or 1911 , the recoil guide rod holder is different . 




Guns Modify hopup unit changed to one side base and cover design . Will make the L arms much bigger and thicker

than TM . The contact area with the slide stop is much bigger . 





Strong and much bigger L arm and slide lock contact area boht front and rear .



Add the structure to hold both side of hopup and share the impact from slide .


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