Full adjustable trigger sear set for Marui MWS manual


You can buy our trigger or sear separately or buy it in a set .

First of all we have to id 3 adjust screw and install the screw in the right direction . 

Important!!Put a little bit low-intensity screw lock-tight on the screws (Usually looks BLUE). DO NOT use the high intensity one !!! (Usually looks RED) 

3 adjust screws

Very important is the direction.

Install the screw to the same level with the trigger reset step ,  then you can get the original setting .

Check all the parts and assembly again .

Install the trigger pin only , and it’s ready to adjust .

Please follow this order to adjust ,it will make this job more easier .

First step , we adjust the reset free travel screw to the limit .


We can see the screw when the hammer was released .

Adjust it from the top , 

Please keep patience . This is the most tedious step. You have to shift many times between hammer cocked and released . Drive in the screw until the trigger tail rise up to the same level with the selector hole when the hammer was cocked . 


Second step is adjust the trigger reset position .


Adjust it from the bottom of the trigger . 

If you found that the hammer can not hold when you release the trigger , it means the trigger reset is too early , back-out the screw a little bit . Until the hammer can be locked .



Make sure you can do a trigger reset and still can hold the hammer . You will find that the trigger reset and free travel become to very short .



Last thing is adjust the trigger pull range .


Reset the trigger . And drive the screw in until the hammer was release and back out the screw a little . 

Please follow these step to adjust the screw , it will make this job easier . If not you may couldn’t find the best effect .



Of course , if you don’t want the trigger work too close to the dead line , or you know this thing well , you can adjust it freely .



Finally , if you set all in right position , the result may be like this .


Trigger finger travel total around 2.5-3mm . Very short trigger pull and reset range . Very quick trigger response . 

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Thanks and enjoy !



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