Barrel Stabilizer for GBB pistol


Today we are going to review the new “Barrel Stabilizer for GBB pistol” .


It’s a simple stuff , but will make a big improve .


First of all it made with stainless steel spring material .




During install , we can hand fit the diameter to make it hold the inner barrel tight .




And adjust the angle to increase the pressure to the outer barrel .


Please remind the direction .





Adjust the position to keep the stabilizer will work all the time .




Natural Position – don’t see the stabilizer .





If you see the stabilizer in any time , it’s not right . Just like below .







Let’s see why we need the stabilizer .


Because when the slide goes back to the natural position .The front of slide will friction the bottom of the outer barrel and goes forward with the barrel . But as we know , if the barrel goes forward in the wrong time , it will rise too early and against the slide . 










The friction between slide and barrel just like a hand pulling the barrel forward , and cause the barrel rise in wrong time . And against the slide . 





That’s why when we seen the malfunction happenjust push the barrel and the slide will go back to right place .





This malfunction happen easily when you change to a metal slide and barrel , especially the steel or stainless steel outer barrel . Because it’s more heavy than aluminum barrel and cause more friction between the barrel and slide .

Our stabilizer will not reduce the friction , but it keeps the barrel down and as less as the friction between the chamber and slide . When the friction cause the pull is less than the stabilizer pressure . The barrel stay low and wait for the slide to push it forward in right time . Marui found this problem , and use the same theory to handle their new products in a different way .

So , base on the theory , our product helps most of the airsoft products already in the market to handle this problem. Our product fits most of the GBB pistol not only Marui but also others .

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Thanks and enjoy !



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