Marui MWS M4 2 stage Hammer Manual


Marui MWS M4 2 stage Hammer Install Manual



1, We have to know that the hammer has 2 stage setting , allow you to use the stock spring set from 100%-150% spring force . That 150% hammer stage suggest to use with Top Gas in a high temperature (Summer out door ) . Can Prevent the light strike at the first shot and keep the valve open at the same range.





2, If you are using our steel trigger box , it will be very easy to install the spring . Use a pin to hold the spring first .




 3, Put the hammer right in place , and pull out the pin . 




4, Please note that , when you use the 150% stage or change to a 150% spring even 200% , the hammer force will increase that cause the trigger pull increase and trigger reset failure if you use the stock hammer reset spring .


So , if you use the 150% or higher , please change the trigger reset spring that comes with the hammer . Below show the 150% trigger reset spring comes with our hammer .



5, For a better test , you can also put the 0.4 shim that comes with to make the hammer work in a tight space .



6, Check every parts and put the trigger box together, then finish .





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